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Life In Balance

A Unique You Approach of Healing

Life In Balance Wellness Center aims to help individuals to live and feel better, resulting in a more magnificent life, through a focus on healthy and balance living. The wellness experience is: fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to make gorgeously flavorful food; signature self-discovery and growth activities that make the heart-pump and the head re-think; fabulous spa services that ignite the senses; an unrivaled team of well being specialists to help you make positive and lasting change in your life; and you will feel personally taken care of as we journey together.

For most of our guests, experience at our center is nothing less than a life-changing and life re-affirming moment.

Reconnect Your Mind and Spirit

A starting point for a healthy lifestyle, the escape and support through challenging times, or simply somewhere to rest, reflect and re-energize to turn a new page in one’s life story.

Life In Balance Wellness Center

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Today, it is unusual to find a spa that doesn’t have services geared toward the needs of the expectant mom. Looking at the ever-growing number of women becoming

Unique You Approach of Healing

A wellness program and retreat is design just for you

The Uniqueness of you is the core believe of our center. In everything we do, we encourage our guests to live in the present moment, conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body, and spirit.

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