LaStone Therapy provides therapeutic and deep stress-relieving benefits not provided by normal massage treatment.


60 or 90 minutes

Appointments times are limited please book ahead as this is an advanced certified therapy.

Scottsdale’s Best LaStone Therapy Massage

  • Pressure: Light to medium firmness
  • Promotes relaxation of muscles, increased blood flow, improve circulation
  • Best Choice for: People who want lighter massages but greater penetration into the muscles without pain.
  • Not recommended for: Pregnancy, high blood pressure, heat sensitive skin, inflamed skin conditions.

The original Hot Stone massage!  It includes, chakra balancing, clearing, hot stone massage with a specific protocol, spinal layout, neck stones, chakra stones, hand stones and toe stones for balancing the elements. This uses basalt stones, marble stones, Petoskey and or jade stones.

This is a deeply relaxing treatment.  The heat induces muscular relaxation to release deep-seated physical and emotional tension, improving circulation and removing toxins.  Cold stones may also be used to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain from muscular injuries. Alternating hot and cold stones can flush toxins out of the body and help assist the healing process.

The therapeutic potential of this treatment is beyond measure. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. The stones are the ‘medium’ and the hot and cold temperatures are the ‘message’.  A must do 90 minutes recommended.