Today, it is unusual to find a spa that doesn’t have services geared toward the needs of the expectant mom. Looking at the ever-growing number of women becoming pregnant, and the expanding age range in which woman are having children, it’s understandable.

With more than 4 million U.S. births every year, there are plenty of mommies to be desiring a prenatal or postnatal massage by someone who understands their particular bodywork needs. Massage therapists have long catered to the pregnant client, pregnancy spa treatments helping her relax, renew, and even physically prepare for the strenuous birth date. Now, spas are picking up the pregnancy pace as this unique client is walking through their doors seeking respite more than ever before.

Pregnancy is a great time to be pampered. You surely deserve it even more than you do usually. You need it more than you do usually. And people are more likely to buy you spa-related treats than they do usually.

But you have to be careful. Some products, treatments and techniques are not recommended for you and your baby, and you need to be confident about what you’re having.

These days, most spas are clued in and offer treatments specifically for pregnant women, and these get more imaginative all the time.

Choose a spa and therapist you trust if you can, preferably one that comes with a recommendation. Even then, however, it’s worth bearing a few things in mind so you know what to watch out for. To learn more about mommies to be and spa, you can review the full article here.

Aromatherapy: All essential oils should be avoided in the first trimester while the fetal organs are forming.

You may find that you’re more sensitive to smells than usual. After the first trimester, aromatherapy is fine as long as it is pleasant for you; however, essential oils may be absorbed through the skin. Until more is known, use only oils that have been tested for safety in later stages of pregnancy.