Moving Forward Overcoming and Making Life Happen

Afraid to Move Forward

Have you ever planned to do something in life and then stopped because you had second thoughts?

Negative Self Talk

Have you ever told yourself you were going to make it happen and then talked yourself out of it? It seemed like a good idea when you were in bed fantasizing about doing it, but in the “heat of battle” you thought better of it.  Guess what? It wasn’t you who talked you out of it. It was the Gremlin Within. We all have one. When you feel nervous, insecure, or ill-equipped to meet the task you set for yourself, you believe that those thoughts are yours and therefore need to be heeded. But they’re not. They’re the voices of the creature that lives inside you. His power lies in his ability to convince you of his reality. He scares you into submission.

Take Back Your Power and Confidence

Our Team will help you realize that those thoughts and the feelings they generate are coming from a gremlin who actually holds no real power, you can go on with the actions you chose for yourself earlier. As you continue forward on your intention, the gremlin will get very angry and try to make you feel that your life is in danger until you pay it some attention. But there are ways that you keep going a little longer, the gremlin finally gives up and goes away.

Achieve Your Dreams

Then, you’re free. So, if you want to be successful, if you want to grow as a human being, if you want to be happy and making life happen, don’t let the gremlin win.