Adventure of Self Discovery – You Are Unique

Life In Balance Wellness Center aims to help individuals to live and feel better, resulting in a more magnificent life, through a focus on self-discovery, to learn what a healthy, balanced life is for you. This balance comes from learning about the unique you.  You are on an adventure of self-discovery.  Each day you will learn and discover new things about what makes you the person you are.

Practical Real Life Living

Life In Balance Wellness Center is about learning practical things that you can use every day.  It is about using tools and things you already have in your life.  It is not about being in a sterile environment with foods you do not usually eat or equipment you do not own or have access to.  You learn how your body responds to events, foods, situations and you make informed choices.  Life in Balance is about creating a life filled with balance based on you and your body’s needs.  It is about living life to the fullest as defined by you.  It is about changing the life you have if it is not working for you.  Are you ready to meet the real you?

What Is Your Story?

We all do it, we tell stories that identifies who we think we are.  We define ourselves with our version of these stories.  Do your stories inspire?  Are they stories about challenges and how you overcame them?  Or are they stories of disappointments, attracting the same life challenges and negative people into your life?

What Will Your New Story Be?

Isn’t it time for your story to be one of hope, change for the better, transition to health, making decisions that you know in your heart, soul and mind are best for you.  Seeing the world through the infinite wisdom you have gained, shaking off and releasing the past and moving forward in a new balance. Where you choose to know yourself, do what is in your best interest and leave the erroneous thoughts of your childhood subconscious mind behind.  Freely moving on to an unencumbered present.

“Above all else, know thyself.”– Ancient Greek inscription on the entrance to Temple of Apollo in Delphi